Nominations are Rolling in for Maximum Yield’s ‘Wholesale Sales Rep of the Year’ Awards

The first annual ‘Wholesale Sales Rep of the Year’ Awards is off to a strong start as retail stores are sending in nominations for their favorite sales reps.
These awards were created to recognize those individual sales reps in the industry that give more than is expected. For much of the year these sales reps work from their cars and live in hotels—away from their families and friends—driving across the country to meet with and educate the retail storeowners and staff about their company’s products.
They are the faces of our industry’s distributors and manufacturers, and those that do their job well build lifelong relationships with the stores, thereby strengthening our industry’s network.
Nominations are now being accepted until the end of July, 2012. E-mail your nomination for ‘Wholesale Sales Rep of the Year’ to Make sure to include their full name, company and any other pertinent information. Nominations will be posted on August 1, 2012. Voting will open at this time and close November 1, 2012.
For more information visit

Smart Pots on Going Green

High Caliper Growing, the maker of Smart Pots, is proud to announce their recycling efforts at their manufacturing facility have been a great success. "About five years ago we noticed we were having the trash bins picked up almost every day,” reports Charles Jackson, company vice president. “It was expensive to take out the trash. We realized with the proper procedures in place, we could recycle almost everything. People would gladly pay us for almost everything we had previously been throwing out." The company put in place a recycling procedure where scrap waste and paper are collected in bundles and then sold to recycling centers.
"Now we have reduced our trash pick-ups by 90 per cent,” says Jackson. “We get paid for valuable waste material. We have reached the 300,000 pound mark in recycling. That's hundreds of trees worth of paper and tons of oil saved and reused. It is very satisfying and educational for us to get paid for valuable scrap material that we previously had to pay to take to a landfill. Going green has been a smart move for Smart Pots," concludes Jackson.

Symbiot Goes Green With Carbon Neutral

Symbiot and Carbon Neutral are leading the way to a greener future, and are shining examples of an Australian business and not-for-profit working together to take corporate social responsibility seriously. Fifty cents from every Symbiot product sold is donated to Carbon Neutral, who use this money to plant biodiverse native trees in rural Australia. Trees planted are protected via a covenant for 100 years with guidelines in place to safeguard the health and future of these trees.
This is a timely reminder to practice responsible consumerism. This means you have to think before you buy. It’s simple really. When you shop, make the change and buy local, organic and ethically-grown produce, and support local industry and eco-friendly businesses. Adopt environmentally sustainable practices wherever possible. Use environmentally friendly products, recycle and above all grow hard. For more information about Symbiot and its products, visit

Get Hydrolife Magazine's Big Festival Issue—Just Two Weeks Away

Hydrolife’s Big Festival Issue Issue (April/May 2012) will be available from hydroponic, skateboard, snowboard, surf and bike shops in April and online at Expect a comprehensive events calendar, guide, band and album reviews, and previews of some of the biggest and baddest festivals of the year.
PLUS: Don't miss out on essential festival gear, exclusive ticket and swag giveaways, west coast food trucks, Hydrolife Hottie and so much more!

The Latest Innovation in Propagation

Want to know all the ins and outs when it comes to propagating and getting the very best from seedlings and cuttings? Look no further than ROOT!T’s dedicated website, ROOT!T’s website features the full ROOT!T range of propagation products, many of which include the unique Natural Rooting Sponge, which has demonstrated time after time superior rooting ability. It also includes free downloadable grow charts and propagation information to help make growing that bit easier. Need help deciding which growing media to use? The ROOT!T website guides growers to choose the perfect media to suit their needs. Take a look at the website today at for details on the product range and much more information. To order any of the ROOT!T range products, visit or call 0044 (0)24 7665 1500.

Digital Subscriptions to Maximum Yield, Industry News and Hydrolife

We are excited to announce that along with your printed Industry News copy we are now offering FREE digital subscriptions to Industry News Magazine in your inbox every month. Each of your staff members can now receive their own copy of Industry News so they can stay updated on the latest industry happenings. To subscribe visit, log in to Industry News and click on the subscribe button.
Digital subscriptions to Maximum Yield and Hydrolife Magazines are also now available and delivered free to subscribers’ inboxes every month. Subscribe to the digital edition of Maximum Yield or Hydrolife by simply filling out the form at respectively.

The VitaLink Website——Now Updated

The VitaLink website has recently been updated to include information on their new growing media range, which consists of VitaLink Professional Enriched Soil, VitaLink Professional Coir Mix and VitaLink Professional Coir Chips. In addition to this, the website includes everything you need to know about VitaLink nutrients and additives. The website provides useful material about the products and their grow charts, along with handy hints, tips and questions and answers to help your customers grow with the VitaLink range. VitaLink has recently added downloadable PDFs on the website, which means you can access and print out individual product pages and grow charts. To find out about the VitaLink range, please visit today. To order any of the products in the VitaLink range, visit or call 0044 (0) 2476 651500.

Maxigrow Puts Ballasts to the Test

Maxigrow Ltd. has released a new range of Maxibright flyers on ballast testing this month. The first in a range of free informative flyers are out now, explaining how to test your ballast’s performance, what the results mean for growers and which ballasts pass the tests. The Maxibright ballast testing campaign is to raise awareness of advertising and labeling standards in the industry. After conducting tests on all the new 600 watt ballasts on the market, results showed that most of these ballasts are failing to deliver 600 watts to the lamp. Results also revealed that a properly functioning ballast delivers up to 33 per cent more light than some of the other underperforming ballasts. All Maxibright test results have been independently verified by Venture Lighting International. To test a ballast for yourself, see the online calculator at For more information, e-mail Maxigrow Ltd. at

May the Best Designers Win!

Take part in Maximum Yield’s fourth annual Media Awards. These awards honor outstanding excellence in marketing with six chances to win. Submissions can be made in more than one category as many times as you wish from January 1, 2012 to June 30, 2012. An unbiased party will judge submissions and winning advertisements will be announced and displayed at the 2012 San Francisco Indoor Gardening Expo July 21. In order to recognize and promote the outstanding excellence in media, Maximum Yield is proud to present Best Overall Design, Most Innovative Theme and Best Integrated Campaignas the 2012 award categories. All submissions must be received by June 30, 2012 in order to be eligible to win. Submit your outstanding advertisement with your sales representative today or e-mail editor@maximumyield.comfor your chance to win!

Sunshine Advanced Products Achieve Coveted OMRI Listing

The soil scientists at Sun Gro Horticulture are proud to announce that all four of our Sunshine Advanced grow mixes are now OMRI Listed. OMRI is the Organic Materials Review Institute, a trusted non-profit organization that independently verifies if a product labeled as organic really is organic and can be used for organic production.
This seal is the result of a rigorous testing process that analyzes all materials used in organic crop production to ensure they are on the Permitted Substances List. Once accepted, this hydroponic media becomes part of the OMRI Products List© so that growers and consumers alike can verify the purity of this product. The presence of the OMRI seal on the bag provides at-a-glance verification that these retail products can be used for cultivating an organic crop.
Now Sunshine Advanced Mix #4, Rainforest Blend, Ultra Coir and Super Hydro are all individually OMRI listed. For more information on Sunshine Advanced products go to or for more information on Sun Gro Horticulture’s entire product offering go to

The Race is on!

For every $1,000 of Titan Controls® product a retailer purchases, you will receive one entry into the prize drawing for the Controller. The winner will be awarded the Controller Custom Motorcycle. The Controller, made by Trendsetters Custom Motorcycles, recently took first place in the Easy Riders 2012 Bike Show Tour in Sacramento, California. This beautiful Titan Controls®-themed custom-built bike will be given away to one lucky retail store at Maximum Yield’s San Francisco Indoor Gardening Expo in July 2012. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to own the Controller. Contact your local Sunlight Supply representative for contest details.

The New VitaLink Retailer Pack

Do your customers ever ask you questions about the VitaLink range and you’re unsure of the answer? Then order your new VitaLink Retailer Pack today. VitaLink is pleased to announce the launch of their new VitaLink Retailer Pack, which is now being distributed by HydroGarden. This Retailer Pack provides the retailer with a range of information about all the products in the VitaLink range to help you deal with any questions or queries your customers might have. The VitaLink Retailer Pack includes grow charts, questions and answers, and details the benefits of the products to make it easier for you to sell the products to your customers. To order your free copy today, please contact HydroGarden at 0044 (0) 2476 651500 or visit

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Sunleaves is on Twitter

Be the first to know about all the industry’s best new products by checking out Sunleaves on Twitter. Featuring helpful information delivered by the company’s indoor gardening experts, you never know what you’ll discover by following @Sunleave. You can also learn more at

And the Winner is...EYE Lighting

EYE Lighting International has won not one but two awards this year already.

EYE Lighting CMH Lamp Receives Second 2011 IES Progress Report Award
EYE Lighting International has announced its Cera Arc ceramic metal halide tubular mogul base lamp is a recipient of the most recent IES Progress Report award. The EYE lamp is featured in the January 2012 issue of the IES LD+A magazine.
This lamp features a unique and exclusive UV-reducing coating along with 117 lpw high efficacy, which blocks 90 per cent of UV radiation. The result is virtual elimination of lens yellowing and insect infestation of the luminaire.
“The Cera Arc tubular bulb joins its sister product, the ED Bulb, in being recognized by the IES as the best new products in 2011,” said Rob Freitag, vice president of marketing. “Inclusion in the Progress Report is a great honor, and confirms comments from our customers who are highly satisfied with the performance of EYE lamps.”
For more information about EYE Lighting International or the Cera Arc ceramic metal halide tubular mogul base lamp visit

EYE Lighting Wins Manufacturing Award
EYE Lighting International has won a 2012 Evolution in Manufacturing Award. EYE Lighting was recognized for its operational efficiency and ability to adapt to the changing requirements of a global marketplace.
The award, presented by Smart Business, recognizes manufacturers for positioning their companies to better compete in a challenging and evolving global economy. “EYE Lighting is proud of its constant stream of innovative new products, and our six-sigma trained manufacturing team who design, engineer and manufacture in a remarkably short timeframe,” declared Tom Salpietra, president and COO of EYE Lighting International. “It’s no wonder our lamps and luminaires are specified everywhere from the 9/11 Memorial in New York City to Mercedes-Benz dealerships.

ESSENTIALS Growroom Management

The ESSENTIALS website has been updated with new products and growroom information. For advice and tips on creating and maintaining a successful growroom, look no further than This website has all the information you need—from simple tips to detailed information and solutions for growroom management. The website even features free downloadable guides and brochures, as well as a product and nutrient advisor. Take a look at the new and improved range of ESSENTIALS professional growroom products, proven to help run hydroponic growrooms and greenhouses more efficiently, resulting in faster growth and bigger yields. Visit for more information and to discover the full product range. To stock any of the products in the ESSENTIALS range, visit or call 0044 (0)24 7665 1500.